Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How many filling lines does RNA have?

RNA has 25+ filling lines that are capable of filling into bottles, jars, tubes, sachet pouches, and bag-on-valve (BOV) aerosol canisters. With those packaging types, we also do automated capping of all closure types including disc top caps, flip top caps, continuous thread caps, pumps, and trigger sprayers. Our secondary packaging services include labeling, shrinking, barcoding, lot coding, pack out into display boxes and shipping boxes.

How large is RNA's manufacturing facility?

Our main facility in Blue Island, IL is 300,000 square feet and contains our packaging warehouse, chemical warehouse, compounding, and chemical processing area, as well as manufacturing and finished goods staging. Our secondary facility in Alsip, IL is 150,000 square feet and is used for packaging storage and staging. Both of these facilities combine to allow us to produce close to 500,000 units of mixed products daily.

What types of packaging does RNA use?

We work with all the major packaging types such as bottles, jars, tubes, sachet pouches, and even some aerosols known as bag-on-valve. We also work with nearly all the closures types such as flip top caps, disc top caps, lids, lotion pumps, trigger sprayers, fine mist sprayers, and snap-on lids. We can also bundle, kit, or assemble big box store displays with pallet skirts, and load them into corrugated display boxes.

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

RNA's biggest strength is our business agility whether it relates to formulations, concept testing, manufacturing, or supply chain. Simply put, we understand the nature of modern beauty brands. The rise of eCommerce requires our company to churn out concepts at a faster rate, leverage and test new ingredients, and produce quality products to meet market demands. We work closely with our brand partners to make the relationship a success. Lastly, we choose to work on branded goods and avoid private label and store brand projects.

Does RNA have the capacity to make my products?

As of Q2 2021, our capacity is at 50% so we can take on double the volume we are currently handling, and this is due to our large yearly capital investments and overhauling machinery to gain better efficiency. Even with the current market issues, we are operating above our historical levels and continue to grow into next year and beyond.

What types of products does RNA have experience with?

RNA's origin started in the complicated hair formulation world, so we naturally have an inclination for pushing the envelope and testing new areas of formulation and manufacturing. We work across multiple formula categories and can make water-thin toners to the thickest hair creams to moisture-sensitive hot fills. If you have a concept, we likely have already created a prototype in our lab.

How many formulas does RNA have in its library?

Our formula library is 3,000+ strong in multiple categories. Our active formula list is over 1,000 formulas which represent the best and most modern formulas compliant to many of the standards required in California, Europe and some specialty retailers.

What types of testing do you do for your formulas?

Our in-house testing labs perform 16-week stability testing and microbiological challenge testing for new formulas and preservative efficacy tests for every batch and finished goods we produce. Tests we do not do in-house include packaging compatibility, although our experience and history allow us to consult on packaging options for formula bases.

Does RNA work with CBD?

RNA has been working with hemp-derived CBD since 2017 and has formulated multiple topical products using this novel ingredient. In addition to topicals, we offer water-soluble nanoparticle CBD emulsions for use in skincare and body care formulations. We have infused CBD across all our formula categories with stability testing for shelf-stable formulas that won't change color or separate. Lastly, our in-house HPLC and GC allow us to test every formula and batch so we can release and fill products without waiting for third-party potency results.

How does RNA protect formulation and other intellectual property?

We go to great lengths to ensure sensitive information is secured and not available to non-authorized users. Our systems are secure and we lock all formulations down by password protection. Site tours are only done under non-disclosure agreements and only relevant lines are shown that are running that brand's products. We have been successfully operating with a multitude of brand partners for over three decades without issues. Our goals are entirely aligned with keeping the brands healthy and safe, as it is over 95% of our business.

How long is the development timeframe?

The development time frame varies from project to project, but can be as short as a week or as long as 3 to 6 months. We have launched entirely new brands within 3 months including formulation, testing, packaging sourcing and design, manufacturing, and fulfillment, so our turnaround times are incredibly rapid.

Is Hemp Seed Oil the same as CBD?

Hemp seed oil is often marketed as being the same as CBD but they are worlds apart. The male hemp plants pollinate the female hemp plant which then produces seeds, which grow around the aerial parts of the plant. These seeds are rich in carrier oils but lack any concentration of Cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC). While hemp seed oil has its uses and benefits, it should not be marketed as CBD oil.

Is RNA Prop 65 Compliant

Prop 65 is a law in California which states that a manufacturer or any product that is sold In California must report any carcinogenic substances whether it's found on furniture, food, or cosmetics. This is a warning found on many products. Many chemicals are made that may contain trace amounts of known carcinogens and are not used by RNA when formulating products. RNA can formulate to Prop 65 rules.

Can RNA help with outside, third party testing?

Yes, RNA helps facilitate many third party testing services such as SPF testing for sunscreen rating, human repeat insult patch test (HRIPT) which is the standard human clinical test used for personal care, some assay testing for certain FDA approved actives, and packaging compatibility testing.

In what countries does RNA have experience handling regulatory issues?

We can help you get registered in Europe, Africa, Middle East, South America, and even Japan. Our team works with international registration firms to get your brand approved for sale on a global level and produce all necessary documentation in order to do so.

Is RNA ISO approved?

RNA is approved for ISO 9001, and ISO 22716. ISO 9001 is a global standard that was revised in 2015 and specifies requirements for a quality management system for organizations, while ISO 22716:2007 gives guidelines for the production, control, storage, and shipment of cosmetic products.

Does RNA have in-house testing labs?

We have four in-house testing labs. Our R&D lab formulates and tests new and revamped formulas daily. Our QC lab tests every production batch for consistency, color, odor, and pH. Our micro lab tests incoming raw materials, formulations, batches, and finished goods for germs, bacteria, and mold. Only after testing do we release that product for shipment. Lastly, our analytical lab tests actives in an OTC formula such as menthol, SPF actives, and more.

How can RNA help with inventory management?

RNA has created a dedicated online portal where our brand partners can login with full security and see real time inventory of raw materials, packaging, and finished goods. On the portal, you can see purchase orders and completion percentages as well as logistic information such as shipments, and drop ship requests.

How does RNA source its materials?

We source our packaging and chemicals from manufacturers located in the USA and around the world. All of our vendors and suppliers are ISO certified and are audited by our in-house quality team to ensure a consistent and quality product is provided. In today's global market, manufacturers such as RNA must have multiple vendors to alleviate supply chain issues.

Can I send in my own packaging?

Yes, we work with customers that send in their own packaging - this is called split turnkey, and we do both full turnkey and split turnkey. We accept both customer-supplied fragrances and packaging. We do not however store packaging for longer than its deemed necessary, or above the quantity that is deemed necessary.

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