This is a 30 year history of how we went from a tiny lab to a full service brand partner.

RNA was started by Muhammad Akhtar with mission to bring innovative formulations to the market by working closely with brands that wanted the same.

July 1983
Founder Muhammad Akhtar leaves his position as Director of R&D at an industry leading hair care brand, and starts a small lab that focuses strictly on novel and innovative formulations.
RNA Logo
Muhammad Akhtar

"I left my executive role to focus on my true passion - formulating on the workbench and researching new applications (RNA)."

August 1989
RNA moves into a 13,000 square foot warehouse in order to cater to customer demands. RNA takes its first steps into manufacturing, using manual machines for filling, capping, and labelling.
January 1990
RNA continues to expand to meet customer growth and relocate to a Blue Island Illinois warehouse, once used to make American heavy machinery.
Blue Island, IL
June 1995
RNA upgrades to semi-automated manufacturing of bottles and jars, and offers new formulation categories of general market hair care and skincare.
Automated capping machine.
November 1997
RNA acquires half of its current facility taking up 130,000 square foot of space in order to compound more batches and offer hot filling capabilities.
Assortment of cooking kettles.
January 2001
RNA acquires the entire facility it currently operates in, consisting of 300,000 square feet that holds all aspects of it's business.
RNA Corporation Drone Shot
April 2004
RNA offers ultra high-end skincare formulations and begins tube filling operations.

Tube filling options allow customers to bring to market extremely high quality shelf stable formulas, in a portable and user friendly container.

Tube Filling
June 2006
RNA offers vertical and horizontal form fill and seal manufacturing, meaning sachets, pouches, and flexible packaged goods.

Sachets and pouches opens a new door for consumers to test less expensive options of a product, with the hope of becoming brand adopters and advocates.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Pouch Machine
June 2010
RNA begins offering FDA approved formulations for topical skincare, body care, and therapeutic pain products, opening a new door into functional topicals.
Tariq Hasan Face

"FDA topical formulations required a new set of processes and procedures, but opened up a new category for our brand partners to grow their portfolio of products. Hair brands could not offer anti-dandruff, and hair regrowth solutions."

May 2012
RNA moves into providing full and split turnkey services, allowing partner brands to focus more on their primary functions of marketing, sales, and listening to the voice of the customer.
Nadia Akhtar Face

"Turnkey is something we've always wanted to do, but implementing it made us realize we had to overhaul our supply chain but now we are better for it and can better serve our customers with smaller lead times, higher quality components, and lower cost of goods."

February 2017
RNA earns a perfect Intertek GMP audit score, and is recognized for its continuous improvement efforts.
ISO 9001 and ISO 22716
Reid Karajeh Face

"Getting ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 certified help cement our dedication to quality and continuous improvement."

November 2017
RNA begins working with hemp derived CBD, making it one of the first professional formulators to experiment with this novel ingredient.
ISO 9001 and ISO 22716
Tariq Hasan Face

"It's rare in our industry to find a new plant based oil that go beyond the marketing hype and actually helps people - we jumped on the opportunity to be a leader in this new category."

Dan, Co-founder of Relume

March 2020
RNA is deemed an essential business, and converts more than 10 filling lines to produce sanitizers and disinfectants, critical PPE items. It continues its operation in the midst of a global pandemic, supplying frontline and healthcare workers.
RNA Covid Fight
Muhammad Akhtar Face

"We had to do our part to help those around us. We've been formulating sanitizers for over a decade, so we responded quickly with safety in mind. Our workforce stepped up, took the precautions, wore the masks and face shields, and together we helped produce PPE when it was needed most."

Dan, Co-founder of Relume

May 2020
RNA purchases additional 150,000 square foot warehouse facility to help optimize it's turnkey operations.
Alsip Warehouse
Nadia Akhtar Face

"Our new Alsip warehouse helps us run a more efficient turnkey business by using this large space to receive new inventory, stage packaging for production, and also have ample space to perform incoming quality control."

Dan, Co-founder of Relume

Today RNA is a 200+ team of formulators, scientists, designers, innovators, engineers, and production workers with the same mission - to help our brands partners build and grow.

You've heard our story, it's now time for the world to hear yours.