Our Blue Island facility contains Analytical, Microbiological, and Quality Control testing labs. We handle all aspects of testing to ensure a consistent and high-quality product for our partners.

Testing Services

RNA's commitment to quality products means we know the importance of quality control testing. That's why we offer both an in-house Analytical lab, Microbiological Lab and a Quality Control Lab, as well as a Product Evaluation Lab. As a turnkey contract manufacturer, our goal is to deliver products that not only satisfy our clients' needs, but their customers' as well. And that means ensuring our goods deliver the experience as advertised without harmful side effects. Our labs are equipped with the most up-to-date equipment, and our staffed are well-versed in the latest methods and techniques for product testing.

Microbiological Testing Lab Services

  • PET/Micro testing done in-house
  • Testing of incoming chemicals and packaging
  • Ensure all herbal raw materials are sanitized and free of bacteria, spores, and contaminants
  • Testing of finished products for biological growth
  • Ensure all finished goods are released for pickup

Quality Control Lab Services

  • Ensure batches are within COA specifications
  • Tests on-line for fill weight, closure torque, bill of material conformity, and other quality tests
  • Ensure all bill of material items such as container, closure, and labels are compliant to standard
  • Ensure fill weight is accurate to label claims
  • Ensure production retain samples are collected, documented, and stored
  • Ensure batch records are kept digital and physically

Analytical Testing Lab Services

  • Agilent HPLC/GC capable of testing for concentration of actives in our OTC formulations
  • In-house Cannabis potency testing protocols built for over 20 formulation types including topical lotions, gels, cream, cosmetics, and beauty skincare products
  • Ensure all incoming labels are compliant with standard
  • Ensure all batches are made to specs and standards

Product Evaluation Center

RNA strongly believes that to develop quality products there needs to be an investment in testing not only inside the R&D lab but also with the end customers. For this purpose RNA has developed a state of the art Product Evaluation Center that is critical in all new product development as new formulations have to pass customer testing not only proving the products efficacy but also the competitiveness against competitor products.

Other Services


Our Blue Island facility can receive, store, and ship our partner's raw and finished products to help lower warehousing and inventory management costs, as well as streamline the entire process.


Our 300,000 square foot facility in Blue Island, Illinois includes a warehouse, compounding, and 25+ filling lines capable of producing up to 500,000 units per day of mixed products.


Our library contains over 3,000 base formulas, and we create more than 250 each year. Our expertly staffed R&D lab ensures compliance to Prop 65 and EU standards, and can optimize your product for the best quality possible.