A letter from the CEO.

Muhammad Akhtat, CEO of RNA

"Our goal is to be the most recognized manufacturer in household, personal care, and OTC through shared success with our customers."

I incorporated RNA in 1983 as an R&D lab focused on delivering innovative products to clients mostly in the personal care industry. We have come a long way from being a specialized R&D Lab to a turnkey manufacturer serving multitude of industries. I would say the key factor for RNAs success has been success of our own customers.

At RNA we have worked hard to establish a culture of service and delivery of commitments towards our customer. We are striving every day to meet the demands set by our customers with a hope to exceed their expectations. It’s of no surprise that I keep getting feedback from our clients that they highly value us for this unwavering commitment and our reactivity towards their needs.

I know our clients have many options to take their business elsewhere however for thirty years we have been able to secure our success by making our customers success our sole job. This is the reason I believe we have continued to grow and expand in an industry which has seen other players disappear under the pressures placed by this business. Of course, without the commitment of our employees and suppliers we would not be able to survive.

Moving forward, RNA will continue to not only invest in industrial improvements through technology and process but expand into new product categories and hence tap into new industries. We will simultaneously invest in our human resources to effectively capitalize on these transformations. Through this journey, our personalized service and specifically my personal commitment to build and maintain relationships with all customers and suppliers will remain intact.

Thank you,
Muhammad Akhtar