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Skin Care

Skin Care

From everyday skincare to functional or treatment-based skincare, we have the knowledge and formulating expertise, with decades of experience helping manufacture these dynamic products.

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Mens Grooming

Mens Grooming

RNA is a leading expert in men's grooming formulation and manufacturing, with a team of experienced chemists and production specialists, a commitment to using only high-quality ingredients, and a proven track record of success.

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Suncare SPFs

Suncare SPFs

SPF formulations, regulations, and testing methods change rapidly, and we are at the forefront to help our customers get to the market quickly with full service package.

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Body Care

Body Care

We've helped manufacture body lotions, body wash, body oils, shaving creams, and many other body care products for our brand partners.

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OTC Topicals

OTC Topicals

For almost a decade, RNA has offered FDA-approved OTC formulations for topical products such as antiperspirants, dandruff shampoos, pain creams, and skin treatments.

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Textured Hair Care

Textured Hair Care

Formulating high-performing products for textured hair requires deep knowledge of ingredients, efficacy, and safety. With 40 years of experience in textured hair, we've developed everything from curl creams to hair growth serums.

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Hair Care

Hair Care

We are experts in the hair care product field with decades of experience making shampoos, conditioners, styling gels, cowashes, leave in conditioners, deep treatment masks and hair serums.

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Who we are.

RNA helps beauty brands build and grow by formulating, testing, and manufacturing personal care products that improve how people live, work, and play.

We offer full-service contract manufacturing for brands, handling all the behind the scene work that goes into making amazing products, so brands can focus more on innovation, marketing, sales, and their customers.

Our founder started RNA in 1983 as a formulation laboratory for small and growing brands to access new and innovative products.

Since then, we've grown to a full scale manufacturing brand partner handling all aspects of the process from concept ideation, market testing, to manufacturing and fulfillment.

It is that same entrepreneurial spirit decades ago that still drives us today as continue to grow.

We take pride in the accomplishments of our brand partners whose products are sold across the globe.

See our rich history and amazing story.

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We believe in quality, integrity, and transparency.

RNA OTC Inspection QC


We only succeed when you succeed.

Modern consumers expect more, so we can only ensure success by making the best product possible. As a full service brand partner, we adhere to strict formulation guidelines, regulatory requirements, and continuous process improvement to ensure delivery of the best product. A focus on quality allows everyone to win, including the retail shopper that makes the decision to buy your brand's product.


We protect what's most important to you.

Brand owners understand how difficult it is to maintain an edge in a competitive market. While we work with many clients on a multitude of projects, our team works diligently to protect confidential information. Approved formulations are kept consistent because we will not cut corners even in a volatile market. We do not switch chemical or packaging items without a thorough approval process or brand sign off. It is because of our dedication to integration that we've had strong brand partnerships for well over three decades.


We are an extension of your team.

The best partnerships happen when both sides have information to make the best decisions. We communicate continuously on progress or delays, while offering our customers access to critical information through our customer portal - a real time view into finished goods inventory, customer supplied raw materials, and quality control statuses of recently made products. Our business goal is to ensure all parties in the supply chain win from our vendors to our brand partners to the retailer and finally the end shopper.

The work we do and love doing.

R&D Formulation

Our library contains over 3,000 base formulas, and every year, we create more than 250 new formulations. Our expertise is in body care, skin care, general market and professional hair care, multicultural textured hair products, OTC topical drugs, and more. Our expertly staffed Research and Development Lab formulates to ensure compliance with Prop 65 and EU compliance standards.


Our full-service turnkey operations can handle all our customers' packaging needs, from sourcing to finishing including shrinking, labeling, and promotional kitting. We source the highest quality raw materials for maximum performance, helping our brand partners succeed. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures our products ship without damage or defects.


Our 300,000 square foot facility located in Blue Island, Illinois, is a one stop campus and includes warehousing, compounding, and 30+ filling lines capable of producing up to 500,000+ units per day. Our state-of-the-art machinery can fill bottles, jars, tubes, sachets, and aerosols. Our 400+ employees are experts with a proven history of delivering excellent products.


As a full-service turnkey contract manufacturer, we provide logistics solutions so our customers can focus on what they do best. Our robust supply chain ensures our brand partners are never in a stock-out situation, and can weather the worst global pandemics. In addition to moving packaging and finished good, we also can fulfill B2B and B2C shipments lowering distribution costs, as well as streamline inventory management.


Our compliance and regulatory experts stay on top of changing global laws and update our resources accordingly. We secure and create all necessary documents for registering new products including SDS, COAs, IFRA, QILs and help registration around the world including EU, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. We work directly with global registration companies such as Bioris and WERCS. For OTC products, we coordinate FDA testing for batch validation and active ingredients for and facilitate outside protocols such as HRIPT and SPF as needed.


We handle all the critical testing functions in-house as part of the premium service offerings  to our brand partners. Our facility has Analytical, Microbiological, and Quality Control testing labs. Our labs handle all aspects of testing of incoming raw materials, and compounded batches to ensure consistent quality. Our analytical lab uses HPLC, and GC for OTC potency testing. We ensure batches are within COA specifications and test on-line for fill weight, closure torque, bill of material conformity, and many other quality metrics.

Lets make something amazing together

Our team is ready to help you achieve your vision. Share your needs, goals, and ideas, and our experienced client success agents will discuss how RNA can help fulfill those aspirations.

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