6 Tips To Make Your Beauty Business Survive During The Pandemic


6 Tips To Make Your Beauty Business Survive During The Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has affected so many businesses, and the beauty business is no different. To cope with the situation, beauty brands and salons are coming up with different strategies to ensure their economic ship is floating.

According to a study, the cosmetics market revenue was 508330 Million USD in 2019 and will reach 652908Million USD in 2025, with a CAGR of 4.26% from 2020-2025.

If you are also affected as a beauty business, then learn the following tips and make your brand survive during this pandemic

1.  Apply Online Corporate Strategies

The most annoying part of running a business during a pandemic is that you have to close doors even for your customers. So, while the business is closed, you can communicate with your customers via Zoom calls. So, for example, if you are running a salon, you can communicate with two nail techs, four hair stylists, and one lash artist via zoom to have that communal feel you had before the pandemic. Also, you can design and upload more than usual social media posts to ensure clients also feel engaged.

2.  Promote Other Business Tactics

While making conscious efforts to stay in touch with clients via social media, you will observe the demand for haircoloring. Rather than training customers on how to perform coloring at home, you can come up with the idea of making at-home coloring kits. Delivering haircoloring kits will not only help you generate additional profits but will also keep you afloat during the pandemic.

While delivering, make sure you comply with the famous “same-day” delivery of coloring kits. It will boost your credibility in the eyes of your customer.

3.  Establish Strict Safety Guidelines

To ensure that your customers feel safe, you need to enforce strict health and safety procedures inside your business premises. Keeping customers informed about your health and safety protocols will help customers feel safe during their visits. Following are the protocols that you should follow to keep your beauty up and running:

·     Maintain a six feet distance between chairs

·     Daily checks for temperature on every employee when entering the premises

·     Availability of hand sanitizer at the bathroom, entrance, and at every station

·     Staffers and guests must wear a face mask all the time

·     Facial specialists at salons must wear a face shield, a face mask, and gloves  

4.  Build Networking

It's also vital that entrepreneurs continue to build relationships, even though Covid-19 has impacted on-site networking events. Those relationships will give you support and would help you feel like part of a community.

What you can do to build networking is to reach out to customers through social media, especially Instagram and LinkedIn. Additionally, you can interact through Instagram live and offer any promos and discounts during the live session.  

5.  Produce innovative products

While going through a pandemic, offering something unique is the best way to survive the economic crunch as a beauty business.

Try to produce innovative beauty products for your customers. Since people are reluctant to go outside to avoid touching railings and doors, you can shift towards offering hand sanitizers. This will help maintain your profits, but you will also build a reputation as a concerned brand.

6.  Focus on the Positives

One thing where the pandemic has been ruthless is its attack on the mindset. Finding positives is difficult, but you have to focus on the same.

Never estimate the power of Zoom calls, virtual opportunities, and Twitter space to connect with people. By meeting with industry experts and sharing beauty solutions will automatically radiate positive vibes among the participants.

Wrap Up

To keep any business going is tough during these unprecedented times, especially in the beauty business. As an entrepreneur, there might be several factors running through your mind. However, if you follow and implement the steps mentioned above, there are bright chances that you will get through this testing time.


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