6 Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Personal Care Brand's Sales


6 Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Personal Care Brand's Sales

The beauty and personal care products market is growing exponentially. As per research, the global personal care and beauty industry was valued at USD 422.72 billion in2020 and is expected to reach USD 558.12 billion by 2026.

Today, beauty brands and businesses are facing enormous challenges with the evolution of customer behavior. However, these challenges are countered by social and digital media. If you have a personal care brand and you want to boost your business, include these digital marketing strategies in

6 Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Personal Care Brand's Sales

1.   Develop a website

Building a personal care website is a stepping stone for your revenue boost. After setting up a website setup, you need to generate traffic to your website.

As per a study, 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. This shows why SEO is key to the success of your business revenue.

Being on top of Google’s search results will give your site the desired visibility. More visibility means more traffic, increased conversions, and eventually, increased revenue.  

2.  Form a community to develop brand advocacy

Companies under beauty and cosmetics must exploit the desire of Gen-Z

·     connect with brands,

·     sharing their brand experience with others

·     to become a part of the brand they resonate with

Therefore, skincare brands today must invest in creating communities of fans and customers via digital marketing.  What you need to do is to inspire customers and ask for their beauty inspiration. Also, share promotional campaigns and collaborate with beauty experts to help end-consumers solve their beauty problems.

3.   Upload testimonials to your web product pages

Happy clients or word of mouth are always the best forms of advertisement. However, an online testimonial can create the most powerful influences in the decision-making process of your customers.

Through digital marketing, you can shorten your clients’ research process by

·    providing them all the necessary information about personal care and

·    sharing valuable links related to your products

Have you ever received any positive reviews online for your products? If yes, then add a link in your product description and see the magic happen.

4.   Use the power of PR

Your online store or website, along with social accounts, should reflect what your brand is all about. So, make sure you include all the relevant information that the media and your customers need. In doing this, PR plays a huge role.

So, build a press webpage and publish all brand mentions and your company news, such as blogs, press articles, reviews, awards, etc. This crucial step will create a huge difference in leveraging your brand value and social proof. You can also get help from competitor beauty brands and take inspiration for how they have presented their brand stories.

5.  Use the potential of content marketing.

Content marketing is the most powerful strategy for boosting brand as well as revenues. Content marketing is all about distributing valuable and relevant content to entice, acquire and engage your target audience. You can follow these content marketing tips:

·     Create “how-to” guides to teach customers how to setup a skincare brand or any personal care product line.

·     Build an email list, send newsletters and use it to offer engaging content and special promotions to your potential and current customers.

·     Go live on social media platforms and broadcast your business message in real-time. Content in video form is always engaging and thus a straightforward way to help boost organic reach and revenue.

·     Influencer marketing has become a new norm in the beauty and personal care industry. It can be a win-win strategy for both you and the influencer you’re partnering with. So, reach out to social media influencers and bloggers who are into personal care and beauty products.

6.  Clients through social listening

Social listening is the execution of monitoring the brand's online presence by analyzing and searching online conversations about your products, competitors, and more. There is some social listening software available in the market, such as Brand24 that can help you in doing this.

Hunt keywords relevant to your brand, for example, "skincare routine," "Your Brand Name, "best organic cosmetics," etc., and go for it. The software would aggregate all online threads and mentions where you can comfortably start your engagement with potential prospects.

Wrapping It Up

Owning a beauty brand with attractive products is not enough in the current beauty and personal care market. To grow and boost your revenue, you will need to work hard and target the right audience. To target a relevant audience, you can use the strategies mentioned above to get the desired profit.

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