Discover the Ingredient: Ceramides


Discover the Ingredient: Ceramides

Whether you ask experts or talk to beauty brands, you will receive high praise for ceramides from both alike. As a skincare beauty ingredient, manufacturers use it to aggravate their products' credibility and entice consumers due to its benefits and popularity. A significant reason why ceramides are popular is that they help rejuvenate the skin.

Commercially speaking, as per a report, the ceramide market is expected to grow by $ 96.97 Million during 2021-2025. If you want to know more about this widely-used and popular beauty ingredient, then continue reading:

What are Ceramides?

Ceramides are fats or waxy lipids that form a component of a skin’s barrier. They are naturally found in high concentrations in the skin’s outermost layer.  They are comprised of fatty acid and sphingosine. They are present in high concentration in cell membranes, as lipid bilayer’s part. This ingredient is also seen as the fatty component of skin oils or sebum that humans secrete.  

Benefits of Ceramides  

Ceramides have several benefits for human hair and skin. However, some of the most them are these

Creates Protective Layer  

As a natural moisturizer of the skin, ceramides help preserve the skin by producing a protective layer. The layer helps in preventing the loss of moisture. This beauty ingredient plays a key role in containing dehydration, dryness, and premature signs of aging.

Locks in moisture 

A healthy and robust skin barrier seals in moisture. They prevent water loss from occurring that causes dry skin.

Protects the skin

Another function of ceramides is to protect the skin against pollution and environmental aggressors that might cause bacteria growth or fungal reactions

Soothes and softens the skin

Common features of a compromised skin barrier are flakiness, dryness, and fine lines due to dehydration. Restoration of lost lipids by ceramides may enhance hydration in the skin and improve the overall feel and look.  

As an anti-aging beauty ingredient, ceramides work well with other ingredients such as retinol and acids. Ceramides can prevent the disruption of the skin barrier and soothe skin, which can be a side effect of these agents. These combinations might even help increase the effectiveness of ceramides if the skin’s top layer is exfoliated to penetrate the skin.  

Final Words  

With so many benefits for consumers, it is pretty clear why ceramides are frequently used as a beauty ingredient. With its skin-friendly nature and commercial significance, it is evident that ceramides are effective both for consumers and for brands.  

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