Top 8 Packaging Design Trends For Your Beauty Business


Top 8 Packaging Design Trends For Your Beauty Business

With time, trends evolve with society. Being up to date is essential to manufacture the best beauty products for your consumers in the beauty products industry. The trend in the beauty business has nothing to do with only "beauty." It is now more about the giant leap personal care brands are taking to make their packaging eco-friendly and trendy.

In this article, we will discuss eight packaging design trends 2021, which will help you to know the current beauty sector  


1- Eco-friendly containers

Many personal care products are water-based, thus require leak-proof containers. Cosmetic brands have been long relying on plastic. However, the trend is now slowly transforming towards sustainable alternatives such as biodegradable or recyclable packaging. Also, metal containers and recyclable glass are closely followed by silicon, paper, and bamboo in the beauty business.  

2- Zero-waste packaging  

The beauty industry is on the bandwagon of sustainable packaging design trends to saving the earth by avoiding excess packaging. Apart from using biodegradable materials like clothes, papers, and plant-based wraps, there is also a trend to say no to bubble wraps and cellophane boxes. In addition, some private label companies have gone a bit further by introducing beauty products wrapped with seed-embedded papers. With this wrapping, customers can plant and grow vegetables.  

3- Solid packaging to liquid products  

As part of packaging design trends 2021, personal care brands are offering solid alternatives to liquid products in the form of bars. A wide range of cosmetic and personal care products are now offered as bars from conditioner and shampoo to facial scrub, face wash, moisturizer, and sunscreens. It helps to reduce the use of plastic considerably, which is among the solid packaging design trends to resolve the plastic problem!  

4- Reusable and refill bottles

Reusable bottles are among the top new packaging design trends in 2021 as far as the beauty business is concerned. Personal care products brands are responding to the green movement by introducing personal care products with refillable packaging.  

Once customers use the product entirely, they can send or take the used container to a refill station, often at reduced rates.  

5- “to go” practical packaging  

A fast life needs adaptable beauty products. Therefore, one of the innovative packaging design trends 2021 is based on "on the go" fashion. In today's world, where immediacy and efficiency are the need of the hour, there should be an abundance of beauty and personal care products that provide us with that requirement.

Therefore, reduced format packaging is in demand, compact, small, and can fit in any bag, pocket, or purse. The "On the go" packaging has to be applied easily and it is designed in a manner so that the product is precise and comfortable, yet simple.  

6- Packaging for millennial public

Attracting the Gen-Z audience is quite complicated. However, they are the future and thus, beauty brands are targeting this niche. An eye-catching and bold design can work in the world of personal care products packaging; however, it must be complemented by value addition to win millennials' hearts. Packaging with "Limited edition" or a message for a cause entices the millennial client base of personal care brands.  

7- Neatly Structured Layout  

One of the new packaging design trends 2021 to keep an eye on is a neatly structured layout. Ensuring the text and design of the product packaging to complement each other is crucial. They should be appropriately arranged while there should not be any compromise on the text readability only to save the 'visually appealing' factor.

Typography is among the crucial factors required in designing a package. Only a few skincare products manufacturers looked after this in 2020; however, it has exploded in 2021.  

8- Digital label embellishments  

Digital label embellishments are also among packaging design trends 2021. The primary objective of this packaging fashion is to provide a touch of fanciness. As a beauty brand, you need to make product packaging look fancy, you have to incorporate embossing, debossing, and foiling.

Considering the excessive use of digital advancements to apply these embellishments, even small-scale beauty products brands can use them. Whether to sell a cheap or expensive product, target customers will still get a sense of luxury if they find fancy embellishments.  

Ending Note

All the above-mentioned innovative packaging design trends convey a message that beauty lies inside; however, with packaging, it also matters what lies outside. So, if you have a beauty business and want your care products to be packaged in a trendy way, RNA Corporation is the way to go. Contact for further details.  

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