Discover the Ingredient: Squalane


Discover the Ingredient: Squalane

What is Squalane Oil?

Squalane by definition is a hydrocarbon that comes from Squalene, an oil that is naturally found in people, animals, and plants. For a very long time, this light weight, easy to absorb oil was sourced from a Shark's liver, but modern engineering allows us to extract this from sustainable plant based sources, namely sugarcane and olives.

Squalene in it's base form oxidizes fairly quickly and loses it's potency, which is why Squalane is made through hydrogenation which creates a more stable and resilient form of Squalene. Hydrogenation is the process by which Squalene is combined with an atom of Hydrogen to produce a more stable molecule.

What are the benefits of Squalane Oil?

Being a lipid, or fat, Squalane is naturally produced by our own skin and helps hydrate and maintain the protective barrier that our skin needs to stay healthy. As we age, our body's ability to produce Squalane decreases, which is one of the primary reasons for it's popularity in skincare and bodycare formulations.

These are just a few of the benefits:

  • Easily absorbs into skin
  • Prevents water loss from skin
  • Excellent moisturizing prooperties
  • Increases luminosity "glow" factor
  • Improves vibrancy of skin
  • Lessens appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps reduce redness
  • Natural antioxidant - helps fight free radicals

Who can benefit from Squalane Oil?

Although Squalane is beneficial to almost all people, but those with dry skin, inflamed skin, and problematic skin conditions such as eczema and acne can find extra benefits from this amazing oil. Even the most sensitive skin will rarely react to Squalane Oil.

What formulas can RNA make with Squalane Oil?

Squalane oil can be formulated into the following categories and products:


  • Haircare
  • Bodycare
  • Skincare
  • OTC Topicals

Formula Products

  • Serums
  • Creams
  • Moisturizers
  • Masks
  • Lotion
  • Hand cream
  • Foot cream
  • Eczema cream

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