Top 9 Beauty Trends that your Customers are Pumped-up for!


Top 9 Beauty Trends that your Customers are Pumped-up for!

The past year has changed how people live, eat, work, play and buy in many ways. The pandemic has had a significant impact on various industries worldwide, and the beauty industry has also felt it.

Although the sales of beauty products, especially makeup products, have decreased in the past year, the industry is still thriving. The reason for this is the high demand for innovative, environment-friendly, affordable beauty products. So, let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends in the beauty industry.

1.      Innovative skincare products

The skincare market is on the rise due to significant growth in the younger consumer base. People are beginning to use skincare products at a younger age to delay the signs of ageing. However, the older customers seem less concerned about their looks, resulting in a fall in the older consumer base for skincare brands.

As a younger consumer base enters the skincare market, there is a high demand for innovative skincare products. The estimated size of the global skincare market is 189.3 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.Entrepreneurial brands have taken the skincare industry by storm with their innovative, natural, and cheaper skincare products to customers.

Moreover, many people consider skincare a therapeutic experience that has given rise to beauty products such as cleaners, exfoliants, and serums. In addition, the products incorporating vitamin C, collagen, and CBD have enormous demands because these ingredients have become a buzzword in the beauty industry.

2.      Plant-based beauty products

Most people are becoming conscious about what kind of product they apply to their skin and what impact certain chemicals have on the environment. As a result, people are not more interested in buying beauty products with chemicals that may harm them or the environment. This gives rise to the demand for plant-based beauty products, even with higher price tags.

People who care about themselves and their environment are more concerned about buying these types of products. As a result, most entrepreneurial beauty brands provide their customers beauty products with labels such as 'eco-friendly,' 'clean,' or 'natural.'

3.      Self-Pampering kits

Due to lockdown during the pandemic, most salons remained closed; this changed how people take care of themselves. As a result, most consumer base prefers do-it-yourself (DIY) kits, including facial, body wax, hair removal & shaving, hair dye, and nail kits.

However, most salons are opened now, but most people prefer self-pampering at home to avoid the virus, and it’s less costly.

4.      Inclusivity

The majority of the makeup brands have been catering to people with light skin tone, but the recent years have changed the trends, and people with darker skin tones are concerned and vocal about their beauty needs. This has given rise to inclusivity. As people with different skin types and complexions are more interested in buying beauty products, brands are setting up the bar.

5.      Scalp-care products

Scalp-care products are the talk of the town as people around the globe are more conscious about their skincare. Most consumers take a science-based approach towards hair care and scalp care products that give rise to Trichology studies.

People want hair and scalp care products that play a vital role in stimulating healthy hair growth, reducing dryness, and naturally improving scalp health. Therefore, products such as serums, cleansers, hair & scalp treatments, moisturizing masks, and scalp detoxes are in demand.

6.      Mask-friendly makeup

Although everyone needs to wear a mask to save themselves and others, the desire to look beautiful is still there. Since a mask covers a person’s face from nose to chin, this gives beauty lovers to let their eyebrows, eyes, and lashes shine. For this purpose, most females prefer to make up products such as eyebrow makeup, mascaras, concealers, and eye shadows.

However, beauty lovers do not forget to apply lip colors, liquid lipsticks as they don't smudge like a regular lipstick. This gives them the freedom to put on and off their mask without messing up the makeup.

7.      Moisturizing hand sanitizers

As there has been a surge in using hand sanitizers since COVID-19, the beauty brands are taking advantage and adding sanitizers to their product line. However, most effective hand sanitizers contain alcohol that leaves the hand feeling dry and itchy; this results in high demand for sanitizers that are good for the skin. Therefore, people are more focused on buying hand sanitizers that have moisturizing ingredients and maintain adequate disinfectants.

8.      E-commerce

As the physical stores have shut their doors for several months during the pandemic, most people now buy from an online store. This has given rise to the need for a digital presence for every business out there.

The need to have an online store has given an edge to beauty retailers in many ways, as it is easier to manage an eCommerce store inventory than a physical store. Moreover, an online store is much more affordable than a physical store. However, the eCommerce store gives the retailers the benefit of seeing analytics and analyzing their customers' buying behavior. Therefore, it gives the retailers a clear insight to cater to their customer's needs better.

9.      Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the new tactic to reach more and more potential customers by using people who are massively followed on social media platforms. For example, many beauty brands partner with social media influencers who make content featuring their products to let their fan base know what the product is and what benefits it gives. So, if a business needs to reach its potential customers in less time, influencer marketing is the solution.


Wrapping it Up!

Determining and adapting to quickly changing trends in the beauty industry would give a beauty business an edge to stay on the top and boost sales. Although the COVID-19 has impacted the beauty industry badly like any other industry, it has created many new opportunities for the one who wants to succeed.

These are the beauty trends that customers are following to survive and look beautiful in this crucial time. If a business incorporates innovation in its beauty products following these trends, it can take the industry by storm!

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