Our Blue Island facility can receive, store, and ship our partner's raw and finished products to help lower warehousing and inventory management costs, as well as streamline the entire process.

Logistics Services

Full and Split Turnkey

As a full and split turnkey contract manufacturer, we don't only handle formulation and manufacturing, we can also assist with logistics. Our 300,000 square foot facility in Blue Island, Illinois, offers tremendous capacity for raw and finished products to lower our brands' warehouse and inventory costs. This helps reduce lead time and solidify supply chain for the brand partners we work with.

RNA started offering full turnkey in 2012 and we discovered our supply chain got more robust, our lead times decreased and we were better able to service our brands. - Tariq, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

RNA is committed to the latest technologies and processes that can help with logistics solutions to help our partners save money, and help make life easier for them. Our goal is to make the manufacturing process as hassle-free as possible, and our dedicated team of logistics experts help do so. Whether it's demand planning, logistics, warehousing, sourcing, inventory management, and more, we help ease the burden for our partners.

Drop Ship and Pick Pack

Our warehouse and logistics team can help brands drop ship their purchase orders to retail locations, fulfillment centers, and distributors. Our team works with the largest mass market retailers and distributor system and regularly manage EDI purchase orders as well as ASN requests.

International Registration

Our regulatory team has helped many brands develop the forms necessary for exporting to Europe, South American, the Middle East, and Africa. We work with international registration firms to get branded products approved for sale, providing all necessary paperwork such as quantitative formula, qualitative formula, raw materials SDS, finished goods SDS, as well as certificates of free sale.

International Exportation

We also help prepare the customs documentation for shipping containers outside the country and routinely ship hundreds of containers per month to Europe, South America, the Middle East and Africa.

Real Time Data

Our customer portal provides you with a secure login to view the most important information from raw materials quantity, to finished good inventory, and purchase order completion. Since this data is tied directly to our systems, all the information is presented in real time with the need the need to contact or phone anyone. It's just one of the few ways we help bridge the gap from a contract manufacturer to brand partner.

Other Services


We source only the best quality materials for our products to guarantee they ship without damage or defects. We believe packaging is a reflection of what's inside and can help attract customers.


Our compliance and regulatory experts are up-to-date on changing laws and regulations around the world, and update our resources accordingly. We'll handle FDA testing and other outside protocols.


Our Blue Island facility contains Analytical, Microbiological, and Quality Control testing labs. We handle all aspects of testing to ensure a consistent and high-quality product for our partners.